Friday, September 16, 2016
Hi ya'll, my name is Michelle Delgado and I am the owner of as well as MomStar. I am currently sick in bed and, I don't know why, thought that it would be a great time to start this project. I started MomStar as a place for mommy bloggers and reviewers to show off their websites. It is also a place for companies to "scout for talent". It is still in its baby stage but in no time will be up and running full speed, like my 3 year old, lol.

I'm a mom to 4 kids. Noemi who just turned 11. Jay, is 9. Bronx is getting ready to be 3. Lennon, is almost 2. We are a homeschooling family and you can read about our adventures on 
I started blogging because I wanted free stuff, I have no shame. It has since become my life, aside from my kids and husband. I love being able to express myself so openly and have made friends with fellow bloggers from around the world. Now besides writing about my hectic but hilarious life I also do product reviews. I have worked with some pretty big companies. Such as, Pop in a Box, Scent bird, Horizon Organics, Seventh Generation, Jammie Jams, Honest Tea and  Fayetteville ComicCon. I love what I do and pour my heart and soul into each and every article and review that I write. 

Besides being a mom, wife, blogger and reviewer I am also an avid horror Junkie. I collect Funko Pops am addicted to coffee and obsessed with Game of Thrones. I love to read and cook, watch out Giada. I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.